Senior Relief

During the COVID-19 pandemic it has been brought to our attention that our seniors are not receiving the attention needed. Many seniors are staying safe by staying home and social distancing, but are now at increased risk of social isolation and loneliness, which can result in depression, anxiety and other health problems.

Many services are available to help seniors stay safe and socially engaged during the pandemic. These services include food delivery and that's just what are services are here to do; make sure our seniors stay nutritional by providing USDA Farmers to Families boxes provided by our partners SUN: Sustainable United Neighborhoods. Each senior residence we serve receives these boxes on a weekly basis.

We currently service:

Marjorie Richardson Court
359 Hendrix St
Brooklyn NY 11207

Cypress Hills Senior Residence
137 Jamaica Ave
Brooklyn NY 11207

NYCHA Brookline
254 Stanley Street
Brooklyn NY 11236

North Core Studios
2324 Pitkin Ave
Brooklyn NY 11207


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